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Intelligent Document Management

Paperless office means, that information from different sources and in different versions are stored in DocuDepot. A source can be everything, starting from your letter in-box, mails or information from internal applications (ERP, drawings, etc.). All these data can be transferred to DocuDepot easily. DocuDepot extracts contents and meta data and organizes them internally. Full-text searches or dedicated queries display any document as fast as lightning.

“Paperless” also means, that reviews are done or approvals are given without manually forwarding documents. DocuDepot internal workflows do this job for you.

Document Search

Every day, employees in sales or purchasing spend hours, searching for documents. They may look for delivery notes to a certain invoice, or data sheets to a certain article. Manually trying to find these papers takes time and money..

DocuDepot saves you this time and money. Documents are connected via “softlinks” and therefore can be accessed instantly. The document’s contents and meta data are indexed and thus your employees can perform dedicated queries or full-text searches.


Document Workflow

You are familiar with that: Incoming invoices are copied and manually forwarded to the person who placed the order, to accounting and to other people involved in the process. Often enough the question is “was this invoice approved?”, “can it be paid?”.

DocuDepot’s review and approval processes not only stop this flood tide of papers, you also know the status of a document. At any time. You see who’s working on which document or in which approval step. Of coures every user can bring up his tasks with one click.


Document Control

Not everybody in your company should be able to access all documents or notice which documents are in a certain folder. Also, parallel changes to the same document should be avoided.

With DocuDepot’s extensive rights management you can limit documents to certain user or groups. Only these user or groups can access them, no matter whether direct access or any search strategy is used. Whenever one person works on a certain document, it is blocked for any other person. However, you see who’s working on it.


Document Archiving

„How was this part of text in our first version?“, „how did this drawing look like before my last changes?“, „What kind of changes did we do last year?“. Questions, difficulty to clarify up to now, are now answered by DocuDepot.

DocuDepot saves old versions for any later audit. The docoument’s history notes, at what time which version was checked-in. Here you can also access any old version..