Scanning & Transferring

Several ways to add documents to the document management system (DMS)

Depending on the type of document (incoming letter, file, drawing, mail) DocuDepot uses a different interface to ease the document transfer.

  1. Paper based documents like invoices, delivery notes, offers, inquiries or order confirmation: Best use a network or a desktop scanner to generate searchable PDFs and to put them into a certain folder. This folder is configurated as DocuDepot’s input folder (“hotfolder”) and DocuDepot reads the documents automatically, indexes and internally stores them.
  2. Files from your own application which are already located on your pc (PDF documents, drawings, …): Use Drag & Drop by moving the corresponding files from your explorer to your DocuDepot client application. Alternatively, you can open a file dialog to select files to transfer.
  3. For incoming and outgoing mails DocuDepot uses an integrated mail client. You just forward an incoming mail to a predefined mail address (e.g. or set this address on C.C. or B.C.C. Alternatively, you can use an Outlook plugin. The „DocuDepot“-button in Outlook directly transfers selected mails.