Versioning & Archiving

DocuDepot offers you a depot of documents compliant to legal or audit requirements. All versions of a document are stored and can be displayed at any later time. The version history and the meta data history show you, who transferred when, which version or which meta data were changed.

Compliant to legal and audit requirements


Below some of the main requirements concerning an auditable storage of business documents:

Audit and legal compliant safe keeping of documents

  • Every document is stored in its original form. The original form is kept through life time.
  • A document may not get lost within the system.
  • Every document must be findable whith the corresponding technic.

In summary this means, that a legal compliant and auditable save keeping from documents is possible with the following prerequisites:

  • All data are stored in a document management system, which can retrieve information in an unchangable and fraud resistant way.
  • The correct operation mode of the document management system is proofed.
  • The system and the guidelines to use it are well described.
  • The system is used as designed.